About Us
What is   Condottiero?

The Condottieri of old were basically medieval knights for hire - or 'free lances'. We see the pen (or mouse) as being mightier than the sword, and identify with the various benefits freelancing can offer our clients.

The primary benefit to you is the fact that we are all home-based freelancers. This means we can offer rates which are not inflated to cover the high overheads of larger, traditional consultancies. This is, after all, the Electronic Age - not the Middle Ages.


We are an international team of freelance designers and developers based in the United Kingdom with anywhere from 8 - 20 years industry experience. As we are all self employed professionals, we can:

  • work either independantly or as part of a larger team
  • operate remotely or from your location
  • attend necessary UK based development meetings
  • offer unmatched flexibility to your goals
  • bring a high level of maturity and reliability to every project (our reputation is our livelihood)
  • draw from a wide and constantly developing range of graphic, multimedia, usability and programming skills
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