What Is

E-Learning (distance education) makes information and knowledge available to those who need it, when they need it - anytime, anywhere. It's a learning system which is well suited to today's hectic and fast paced lifestyle.

E-Learning has become a buzz word due to its recognised value to both higher education and industry alike. This popular medium offers a great deal of flexibility to the individual user and numerous benefits to the organisation incorporating it into their staff development structure.

With developments in technology and the growth of Broadband, the boundaries of distance education are continuously being pushed beyond their limits.


      We Offer

Our freelance team has experience in the following services:

  • Mini course creation
  • RLO design: Reusable Learning Objects (interactive and animated learning exercises)
  • E-Learning development tools
  • E-Learning strategy
  • Animated tutorials
  • User support demos
  • Training software development
  • Online conferencing (webcasts)

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