Do It       Yourself?

Whether you're pitching for new business or putting in an bid for extra funding, a compelling presentation is essential to help you stand out from the crowd.

Of course, anyone can 'use' PowerPoint ®
However, when the stakes are high, it's worth investing in a professional job. Our freelancers create eye catching and memorable presentations utilising the power of the latest multimedia packages. Our presentations can include the following:

  • custom branded user interface
  • video and audio streams
  • 3D and flat animation
  • virtual reality objects
  • dynamic data fields

There are two basic types of presentation:

Client controlled

If you're doing the talking, it's likely that you'll want to make last minute changes to your presentation. Such a scenario would be better suited to PowerPoint®. This choice also allows the creation of templates which could be conveniently distributed amongst your staff. If content changes are not an issue, we would recommend:

Stand Alone Demos

Best suited to one off events and created in applications such as Flash® and Director®, these presentations take full advantage of the interactive media listed above. These packages can be delivered by a speaker but can also be left running in a public space.


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