Panoramic       Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a virtual reality tour must be worth tens of thousands. A survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that on a typical day more than two million people are using the Internet to take a virtual tour of another location.

Why include panoramas or VR tours on your website or CD ROM?

  • Viewers find an interactive image far more compelling and 'real' than a static/flat image.
  • VR's are a cost effective value added technique for getting your product to your audience.
  • They provide a depth of detail that is simply not available in any other form of media - not even video.
Object       Photography

With object photography, its an individual item which rotates instead of a scene.

What's the benefit over flat imagery?

  • The visitor gets to 'handle' your item in a virtual space
  • Once again you add a level of interactivity to your site
  • Different states can be animated during rotation. For instance, a camera lens can zoom in and out.

Who should use make use of this technology?

Anyone who wants to offer their target audience a greater understanding and better 'picture' of their product. Anything from antique rings to motor bikes can be presented in this fashion.

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